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Life is meant to be a lovely experience.   Is something stopping yours?
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How may I Help You ? ? ?

What I do involves "change".   I help you to bring about those changes that you want in your life.   Using conversational or hypno-relaxation methods (or both), I facilitate the change that you've decided you want.

These methods are safe and work as much as you are determined to make that change happen, but the simple fact that you are here already indicates that you are probably ready for change in your life.   Now remember, life doesn't just happen to us, and neither does change.  

No Empty Promises!   Some personal coaches might be bold enough to 'guarantee' your success,   but let me assure you   right away that   You yourself   need to be 100% committed   to making your life better ... to move away from what is bothering you and towards your dream,   to achieve your goal,   to reaching your target.  

The magic that you need is already inside you!   As your coach, I will help you find it. And you may surprise yourself, as others have done before you.   Our first session starts by identifying what you truly want and the best way to get you there; prompt results may often be experienced, with follow-ups required in some cases, but not always.  

Your Key to Positive Change

As coarse as it might sound to some, there isn't a more powerful example that I can give you than this: "No one else can see to your physical needs when nature calls!"   No matter how cold the night might be, when you've suffered enough you 'will' get out of bed and attend to your own needs and no one else can do that for you!   Likewise, for change to happen you must do your own 'growing'. A therapist may facilitate things, but You need to be your own hero.

Total committment is not the same as having a 'wish'.   Total committment is an absolute must for change to happen.   Perhaps the best phrase I've heard about this state of mind is that change will happen "when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired".  

So what are some of the changes that I can help you with?  

It is not my intention to give you an endless list of problems that people face, such as insomnia, smoking and other addictions, eating problems, many different phobias, etc. I prefer to keep it simple. Besides, people do not only come to solve specific problems but even to improve certain conditions, or to better their life in other ways.

increasing confidence   career success
peak performance   healthy relationship
motivation   overcoming obstacles
developing a positive outlook on life
removing fear   assertiveness
lifestyle change   stopping bad habits
less worrying     weight control
insecurity   stress-related disorder

How does it work?   A consistent change in your Thoughts brings about a change in your Beliefs.   Hopefully, your new Beliefs will be ones that 'free' you, rather than holding you back.

My role is to break down your limiting and hindering beliefs, so you may replace them with new ones that empower you. Your new Thoughts and Beliefs will change your behaviour.

When a change in Behaviour is consistent, it becomes a change in Habits and that can (and usually does) bring about physical changes too. But for the desired change to happen, other – more fundamental – changes must happen first.   Very often, your self-image has to change first!

As long as you are 100% committed to the change, this will be a fun process!

    So One Last Time ...

Allow me to remind you about and expand a little on the 'general description' of what I do that was already given in the introduction.

I help people who need Guidance, or Empowerment over some particular situation.

Sometimes, you may find yourself feeling confused about a particular situation and, no matter how much people will tell you that "it's no big deal", you would still feel lost and unable to find your own way out.   At that point you may decide to seek help.

Sometimes, a person might even feel unsure whether the direction that their life is taking is what they actually want. Others might be completely in the dark and unable to see where their life is heading!   So they   are likely to   ask for help   to find   their 'light switch'.

So during our (structured) conversation, my questions can help you uncover what it is that you truly want, or what is really important for "you", or maybe you could realize what is 'not' essential in your life, for your future, or your happiness ... Or perhaps you might come to see what it is that has been bothering you and decide to do something about it.

But even making that first and very important step might be hard at times. What if you lack the motivation, or the courage? Then I can help you feel empowered to take action.   So now it should make even more sense that ...

I help You to achieve Clarity of Vision, and to find Your way forward through what's holding you back, while providing you with the tools to achieve the Life of Your dreams ... the Life that You deserve!

I can help You overcome problems, or reach your Goals.

I help lots of people change their life for the better.

During our sessions, whether these consist of Coaching, or consultation, or hypnotherapy, you could benefit from Clear thinking, and notice improvements right afterwards.

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And ONLY when You Are Ready

When you have finally decided that you want that Change to make yours a Better Life ... Right Now, then you may contact me. Remember that no one can make your changes for you, but when you're ready I can help you achieve them.  

You may wish to hear what other people had to say about their experience, then click: here.

Email me here — "steve @" ( without spaces ) or phone for an appointment on (+356) 9998 7652 / 7939 0177.

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