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Life is meant to be a lovely experience.   Is something stopping yours?
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If you have finally made up your mind, you can very easily make an appointment by phoning or texting me on +356 9998 7652

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If you use Skype, please send a 'contact request' to: steve-farrugia-personal-coaching.

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So NOW that You Are Ready

Once you have finally decided that you want that Change to make yours a Better Life ... Right Now, you may contact me. Remember that no one can make your changes for you, but when you're ready I can help you achieve them.  

You may wish to hear what other people had to say about their experience, then click: here.

Email me here — "steve @" ( without spaces ) or

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(+356) 9998 7652 / 7939 0177.

Terms of use: All services offered in this website are rendered following careful discussion and agreement with the client every time. The use of any services is, therefore, to be understood to mean that the client has considered and responsibly agreed to these conditions governing the rendering of such services. Moreover, any content found herein in whatever form is provided bona gratia and the owner of the website refutes any repsonsibility towards any claims related thereto. The material found on this site and given in one-to-one sessions is also available elsewhere and is in line with current trends in personal development.

about me   |   principles   |   services   |   articles |   others' say |   contact me