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Life is meant to be a lovely experience.   Is something stopping yours?
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Here are Some
        Guiding Principles
                before we go deeper

Life doesn't just 'happen' to us!  

It is true that some things in life seem to come out of the blue.   We don't plan to have a bad day, do we? And maybe we cannot control how other people drive, or speak, or how they behave, can we?  

But you can control how "you" react to what is already happening around you   and   that is what makes the difference between allowing yourself to have a bad day   that keeps getting worse, or turning it around ... into a positive experience.   Not easy? Not always.

There is a Reason behind everything that happens.  

I am not saying that "everything happens for a reason", but that there is something that makes things happen the way they do!   There is a reason behind everything that happens. This is sometimes referred to as the 'law of cause and effect'.

Everything obeys the Universal Laws, perhaps better described as natural rhythms.   We recognize some of these laws, or workings of the Universe, in what we call Science.   For instance, the Law of Gravity is a well known phenomenon that everybody experiences, even if some might not understand 'how' it actually works, yet we can still use it to our advantage.

So now, let's consider how this affects You on a more personal level.  

Not only is it beneficial for us to learn about these Laws of the Universe, but it is also important that you possess the Tools to navigate through this journey that we call Life. The Principles that follow are some of the tools that can help you understand life better and attain the results — and the Life — that you desire.     Click the links below to start exploring.

We are all Different.

Everybody is different, would you agree?   Nobody is exactly the same as you, or as me.

We all understand that who you 'are' depends partly on your environment, and partly on your personal experience in life.   So why do we so often 'expect' other people to think exactly like us?  

Not only will other people have different circumstances from ours, but they may sometimes even be in difficult situations restricting their behaviour, not to mention the fact that   how you see things is often different from the way that other people may see them.   This could depend on what you (and they) consider to be 'good' or 'bad' — your Moral Code — which then depends on your personal Values and what you believe to be True, which is what gives different people different opinions.

And different opinions is something that we can accept. Do you agree?   So you may also agree that we each have a different opinion, or view of what is happening.   In other words, we each have our own view and opinion about what Reality really is!   So each of us seems to live in our own personal reality.

Once we understand this concept, a lot of situations will immediately appear differently to us. We may begin to understand (their) different 'meanings' and realize that there is great benefit in removing our self-imposed limitations and considering new possibilities ... even that other people's Reality might be (is) different from ours!

Do you see the face of Don Quichotte?
Look again. What else do you see?

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You always get "more of the same"

You may have heard that "thoughts become feelings" (emotions) ... but what a lot of people do not realize is how incredibly powerful Emotions are!

Now we can change our "thoughts" deliberately, and this is very important especially whenever our thoughts would be pulling us down because, depending on how we are "feeling", we will be attracting more of the same stuff into our experience.

When you are feeling good, you are emitting happy and positive emotions (vibrations). Have you ever noticed how everything seems to go well when you are already feeling good?  

Conversely, when people are emotionally down, or upset, they give off depressive feelings (vibrations) of anger, or frustration, lonliness, jealousy, suspicion, or failure. Notice how when someone has just lost his job, or is missing a loved one ... everything else seems to turn out wrong too!  

That is how the principle of Attraction works.   We always get "more of the same", depending on our emotional state, because 'thoughts come in clusters'. A negative thought invites many more negative thoughts until a person feels overwhelmed and attracts negative things into his experience, while a happy thought is similarly followed by other happy thoughts resulting in great feelings and manifestations!   That is why I insist that

"Gratitude is the Highest form of Prayer!"

So the good news is that you actually can attract more 'good' (and less 'bad') into your life. You will find more on 'how' this is done in the articles section.

You attract that which you focus on.     So ... what are you attracting?

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You are NOT your Feelings

The words "I feel sad" implies a temporary emotion.   It is what you are 'feeling'.   It is NOT who you 'are'.

It implies that I am only 'feeling' sad at this particular time. That doesn't define me as a 'sad sort of person'.

Your feeling is not your identity.   So, from now on, you may consider changing how you express yourself by saying "I feel" rather than "I am" when you are expressing an emotion, because EVERY WORD you say, even to yourself ... especially to yourself ... reinforces a belief, which then affects your Identity.

Hopefully, we're only reinforcing the resourceful Beliefs, those that are useful to us, not the ones that damage our lives.

Speak right and empower your life!   More on this in the articles section.

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Problems are merely Situations

A problem is a state; it is a difficulty that we face at a particular time. A problem is a temporary situation; temporary because situations are always changing. That is what situations tend to do. They change.

For every problem there is a solution, and very often more than one. You just have to find the right solution. Sometimes, time dissolves a problem. Sometimes, help from a friend, a mentor, or a professional helps you solve the situation. Some problems take longer, but they never last forever. Never, because life itself is temporary, and problems are only situations within life. Sometimes, we may need to learn how to live with a condition and thereby rise above the situation.

Sure, when we are in the middle of a big problem, it might feel like nobody understands and their advice might even irritate us. We've all been there! But let's face it, how many problems have you been through that remained real difficulties after a year? Few, if any.

Whatever your problem may be, ensure that you are able to define it clearly, without confusion, and state it in 'solveable terms'.   Are you able to write it down?   Remember this: no matter how hot the cup will be, as long as you find its 'handle', you are in control.   More on this in the articles section.

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The Genie in the Lamp

You may or may not know this, but it is nonetheless true. You have your own, personal Genie residing inside you, waiting for your commands, and you don't just get 3 wishes; you get as many as you are bold enough to order.

But there is one important condition. The Genie will only obey you as long as you recognize and believe this to be true, and behave as its Master. The genie is your very powerful Subconscious Mind, that which connects you with the Eternal Power of the Universe.

Wake up to this power as others have done.

Release the force and be amazed.   More on this in the articles section.

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There are more Principles to consider and keep in mind.   These are found in the second part so please refer again to the list — also shown   hereunder.

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When you have read and, hopefully, grasped all these principles, including those in the next part, it might be the time for You to   take the next step   and   start making the Changes you desire in Your Life.

I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready, meanwhile, feel free to email me — "steve @".   (without spaces)

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