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So, let's make yours too a ...

The rest of Your   happiness Journey   starts here!   right now!

NOT 'some day'.   Not 'soon'.   Not even 'tomorrow' ...   NOW !   Start now.

For the sake of anyone who is here for the first time, please allow me to introduce myself.   My name is Steve Farrugia and here is what I do for those people who need and seek my help.

The short version is that:

"I give people their life back ... only better!"

Or, to put it another way:

I help people who need a Change, or Empowerment over some particular situation. I help You to achieve Clarity of Vision, and to find Your way forward through what's holding you back, while providing you with the tools to achieve the Life of Your dreams ... the Life that You deserve!

I can help You overcome problems, or reach your Goals. I help lots of people change their life for the better.   During our sessions, whether these consist of Coaching, or consultation, or Hypnotherapy, you could benefit from Clear Thinking, and notice improvements and great feelings right afterwards.

More about me and my services may be found in the pages that follow, but for the time being let us   take a moment to look at   your situation;   at your Life.

Please keep scrolling down ...

In an ideal world, what kind of life

would you choose for yourself?  

I sometimes hear people say that   if they had to start all over again, they "wouldn't change a thing" about their life.   Not a thing? Nothing?   Now that, to me, sounds like they either had, and still have, a perfect life (nice try!) or else they're just trying to impress us!  

I personally believe that there's always room for improvement.   Wouldn't you agree?

And this doesn't mean that we are not grateful for what we already have, because we are. But we can actually have an even better life, so let's do this simple coaching exercise together.


So, if YOU could have the life of your dreams, how would it be?

Dream a little.   Can you imagine a day (just one day) in an ideal, or desired life?
Help me out a little, here!  

Forget what is, or isn't, practical for the moment!   Just imagine ... watch the 'mental movie' in full colour and sharp images ... hear what would be going on in your ideal life in high definition sound and ... because this isn't the cinema, use also your sense of smell, taste and touch, but above all feel how good it feels inside, notice the sensation gushing inside your body as you imagine yourself living the life of dreams!   OK, let's just say that it's only a mental movie, so run it now and tell me ...

Keep this private, but it helps to write answers down!

  •   Where would you live?
  •   Who would be the people sharing your great life?
  •   At what time would you wake up in the morning?
  •   Can you see the kind of house you'd have?
  •   Would you have a different job, or maybe another line of work?
  •   What kind of car would you drive and
            what sort of clothes would you wear?
  •   What about your social life, your friends, and lifestyle?
  •   Which places would you travel to?
  •   Is there anything in your present life that you would change first?
  •   And what would be your next change after that?
            Life doesn't limit you to 3 wishes nly.

Did that help your imagination a little to see yourself living your ideal life and feeling great?   Now let me ask you another question.  

Do you remember a particular occasion in your life when you felt really (really) Good?   Take your time to think this one through.   Are you there? Can you see it in your memory?

Well, a great life isand feels — just like that, except that it goes on for most the time, not just one occasion.   Got that?

So if there is something that you would like to change about your life, now may be a good time to start that process rolling, and this may be the place for you to make your decision come true.

This could be your opportunity for change. But before proceeding to the next steps, where you will be given very valuable information to help you on your journey, first it is essential that you feel fully committed to your new possibilities, to your plan for a better life ... right now.

In fact, you may come to realize that there could be a very special reason for you to be here!   Right, now if You are ready, you may proceed with your Gift to yourself.

You may Enter and Continue if you wish ...

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