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Getting It Right … now.

the law of attraction at work

At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves facing some unwanted situation; sometimes as a consequence of our own actions, sometimes due to the actions of others,   or else due to circumstances over which we have no control.  

It is a fact that we cannot have control over ALL situations.

It is also a fact that we cannot always control other people, but—make no mistake—we can control our own reaction to what is happening around us.   Although it might not always seem to be the case, how we react is really up to us!

In relation to this, the great author Dr. Steven Covey taught the “90:10 Principle”, whereby it is acknowledged that we have no control over 10% of what happens to us, but … more importantly … the remaining 90% will be the result of how we react to that 10%.   Have you ever noticed how things tend to keep going wrong when we get angry or frustrated, whereas some “lucky” people seem to take things in their stride (and calmly brush it off) when something goes wrong?

The reason for this is simple. Thoughts create feelings (emotions). Happy thoughts create happy emotions while unpleasant thoughts create bad feelings.

Now it is also important to remember that 'similar thoughts' come in succession, which would mean that a negative thought triggers another negative thought, then another and so on, thereby releasing one negative emotion after another and so on, escalating until we spin out of control. But, fortunately, this is also true of happy thoughts. One happy thought follows another, bringing feelings of joy and raising our mood.

By now, it is no “Secret” that this is how the so-called Universal Law of Attraction works. Thoughts develop into emotions and emotions attract events and things into our experience. We always get 'more of the same' simply because thoughts multiply. Those who are sceptical about how we humans attract what we think about (which includes what we fear, or worry about) should just look at the results and see how some people with positive attitudes habitually attract more ‘good’ into their lives, while others of a gloomy disposition tend to attract more of what they call 'bad luck'.

What to do

The solution?  Break the negative train of thought, change its direction 'on purpose' … and the best way I know how this can be done is to have a mental “First Aid Kit” loaded with Great Memories, which acts pretty much the same way as finding that antiseptic cream immediately when you cut your finger.

So when suspicion creeps in, or when fear threatens your peace of mind, or boredom stares at you like an executioner … reach into your mental "First Aid Kit" and pull out a great-feeling memory, which could even be a scene from a movie you watched, and just notice your mood shift from bad to better to great. The faster this is done, before a whole negative train-of-thought enters yours station, the more successful you will be.

You cannot look both 'left' and 'right' at the same time!   Similarly, you cannot entertain 'good' thoughts and 'bad' ones at the same time; your conscious mental corridor is narrow, so give preference to the good-feeling thoughts.   This too is a reaction.   It is the best reaction you can decide to have.  

The object here is to change your 'feeling' by changing your thoughts, not to cure yourself of some deep-rooted ailment, but rather to "Trust" in the Divine power, the Greater Being, The Universe ... to bring you the desired state, the solution you seek, without your interference or strategizing.

And remember, how we react to any situation determines how we end up feeling.

But what about those people who find it hard to be positive, those who cannot easily visualize great memories, or who lean towards the grim perspective? Is there hope for them? As long as they truly want to change, yes, there is.

One solution is Hypnotherapy. But there are so many misconceptions about hypnotherapy that a lot of people may feel uneasy about it, so let us dispel some of those erroneous beliefs, right here and right now.

Practised by a trained professional, hypnosis is a safe and natural process. Your mind actually enters a hypnotic state (also known as an altered state, or trance) "on its own" a number of times a day, like when you cannot remember driving through certain places where there is usually quite a lot of traffic. Were you asleep? Surely not! You were on autopilot! Other times when you are on the verge of entering a hypnotic state are just before dozing off to sleep, and just before waking up. We call this Alpha-state, when your Subconscious Mind is at its most suggestible, which is why these are the best times to dream about your goals, because your Subconscious Mind will take your great-feelings as being your command and will help you get there. In hypnotherapy, this is a carefully "guided process".

Your Subconscious Mind has enormous potential. Consider it as a Genie that emerges from a magic lamp, very powerful, yet unable to distinguish between good and bad, between true and imagined, knowing only the present and unable to understand the concept of the 'negative' so that a hypnotherapist will only state his suggestions in the positive. It is your Conscious Mind (the guardian of its big brother, the Subconscious) that blocks access when your dreams feel unrealistic … impractical … unbelievable.

It is worth remembering that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis” and access to your Subconscious Mind is only allowed by you when you are willing to achieve great changes.

During hypnosis, you remain in control. You will not be asleep. You will hear what is being said and success depends on how much you cooperate by allowing yourself to relax completely and letting your imagination take flight. The feeling of trance is so good that if nothing else is achieved, which is rare, you get a first class mind massage!

Hypnotherapy can help you change your beliefs and, therefore, improve your self-image. It can help you allow goodness to flow into your life and bring you in touch with your Genie within. It is safe and natural. It is not magic, and neither is it a gimmick. It is a tool to help you achieve the changes you want, for a better life.

Steve Farrugia © 2014

edited version - May 2014

90/10 Principle — You may watch this Youtube presentation of Dr. Covey's teaching later. Here is the link to the 90/10 Principle to watch after you finish this article.

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Fear — Fear, like Worry, is a 'Thought' and, therefore, it is a form of Energy.   When a thought is Emotional, as most Fear (and Worry) would be, it is hightly energized and, consequently, attracts "more of the same"! Familiar phrase?  

For more about Fear, read this mini (later).

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Trust — Although there is nothing strictly 'religious' about the Universal Law of Attraction, the process relies very much on Trust, or Faith, similarly to the teaching of practically all religions. More on this "process" will follow in the next article in this series.

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